nacka nya gatan

Status       Consultation

Year          2016-2019

Client        Sveafastigheter Bostad


We have developed a residential block in central Nacka. Social sustainability, greenery and living qualities have been our focus in the design work. There is a common terrace on the roof for all the residents of the block. The rest of the roof surfaces are covered with solar cells. All the four stairwells have daylight and direct connection to the street, the courtyard and two underground parking floors. In the courtyard there are trees, shared planting lots and a patio. The courtyard is accessible from the street through a large opening in the house volume. 


The apartments are light, compact and well planned. All the openings towards the street consists of full height, glassed balcony doors. All apartments have balconies, french balconies or a small private patio. 


Continuous balconies sweeps around the volumes, with an outer layer of wires and metal mesh. This works both as light-permeable balcony railing and trellises for climbing plants and other greenery. The extent of the mesh alternates along the facades and creates opportunities for the residents to take on the balconies in their own way. By the eaves towards the street there are plant beds, allowing vegetation to climb down along the facade. The shallow and transparent balconies interact with the street, and the layer of mesh and greenery adds life and depth to the facades. 




movehome lab

Status       Under construction

Year          2015-2017

Client        Movehome


Movehome Lab is a project initiated by Movehome  to develop future housing typologies for prefab housing. Our design has been presented as the first house LAB #01. During 2017 the design of Dorte Mandrup Architects will be LAB #02. 


The main idea with the house is to provide for the inhabitor to find their own way of living. We call this ”everyday-rituals”. Thought-through storage solutions and large open spaces that can be easily subdivided into smaller zones makes the house adaptable to the needs of differing users,  differing needs over the course of the day or week.


Link to Movehome for further presentation of the house




kv. ärlan

Status       Feasibility study in preparation for planning process

Year          2015

Client        Nässjö Municipality


The cityblock Ärlan is centrally located in Nässjö and contains two school buildings. Urban Design was assigned the task of exploring new possible uses for the beautiful "Centralskolan" and to develop several alternative proposals for residential and other functions on the site.



land allocation agreement

Status       Development

Year          2015


Urban Design is presently developing a variety of housing projects and is participating in several land allocation agreements and competitions in Stockholm as well as surrounding municipalities. We focus on issues of housing quality, urbanity, ecological and social sustainability and innovative and efficient construction methods.




apartment building in central stockholm

Status       Proposal

Year          2008

Client        Sveafastigheter


Sveafastigheter gave us the assignment of designing an apartment building for this infill project in central Stockholm. The project has been submitted for planning approval.






Status      Proposal

Year         2007-2011

Client       Alliance Fastighetsutveckling AB


We developed a site plan and a new housing development to be placed along the road, Åbyholmsvägen in Vallentuna. The buildings are placed perpendicular to the slope of the site, beginning at the road and stepping up towards a park. The proposal includes approximately 90 apartments and a pre-school and was selected for implementation by the municipality.





house in hammenhög

Status      Completed

Year          2008

Client        Pelle Bergström


This house was designed for a photographer that wanted a combined home and studio with lots of natural light and views of the surrounding landscape


In cooperation with Anders Runerheim




summer house in lerhamn

Status      Completed

Year          -


We were asked to design a summer house for a private client in Lerhamn, a small fishing village in the south of Sweden. Later, the clients returned and asked if we could design an addition to contain a studio for work, play and overnight guests.




house in vendelsö

Status     Completed

Year          -


This private home is placed on a steeply sloping site. Its 4 split-levels provide the kitchen with access to the garden to the south and the living room connects to the rocky outcropping to the north. A sauna on the top level is enables spectacular views of the cove, Drevviken. In a future phase, a pool and terrace will be added.