sliparen 2

Status         To be completed in 2017

Year            2015-2017

Client          Fabege


Urban Design has helped Fabege with the property redevelopment and renovation of the office property Sliparen 2 in Solna. This project includes Stockholm's first ETFE roof that allows maximum transparency and a light-weight construction that has minimal impact on the existing structure - all creating a bright and airy atrium in the former courtyard space. The centerpiece of the atrium is a large terraced bleacher and stair for lectures and events, and a footbridge which connects to the office spaces on the upper floor.




SSC, Swedish Space Corporation

Status         Completed

Year            2016

Client          SSC, Swedish Space Corporation


Urban Design has designed the new headquarters for the Swedish Space Corporation located in Solna. The workplaces, which were previously divided on separate levels, are now gathered together on one floor around a common courtyard, which facilitates communication and synergies between the various divisions in the company. The staff has been actively involved throughout the process in shaping their own workplaces through workshop sessions and discussions. The floor below contains laboratory spaces, ensuring easy access. the lobby area includes a large scale display furniture which describes the different services that SSC provides for its customers. The dining room “Space Out” is a natural meeting point with its strategic location just behind the reception area, with access to the outdoor courtyard and its skylight with views down to the rocket-assembly room on the lower level. Each meeting room is named after a famous scientist that worked with space exploration.


Graphic Design Exhibition: Studio Altmann

Graphic Design Meeting areas: Urban Design


Photo Credit: Per Kristiansen



drivhus - stockholms city planning & administrative office

Status         Competition winner

Year            2014

Client          City of Stockholm


With our proposal Drivhus (Greenhouse), designed together with our Spanish colleagues, SelgasCano, we recently won the international competition for the new Stockholm City Planning and Administrative Offices, to be located in the redevelopment area of Söderstaden. Land Arkitektur participated as the landscape architects and SWECO as the structural and energy system engineers. The building will provide a working environment for 1800 people, as well as a democratic meeting space for civil servants, politicians and the public to discuss the future development of the city. The entire project is seen as a larger re-vitalized urban space that will transform the existing context of large-scale event structures into a more humane environment with a new natural park area as its centerpiece, surrounded by housing, shopping and cultural activities. In Drivhus, the greenery of the park continues into the building, literally creeping up “under the skin” of the technically advanced double-façade, thereby becoming an integral part of the building’s energy and ventilation system.


Competition proposal in PDF >>




Status     Completed

Year         2010

Client       Newsec


This project was a renovation of what was formerly the Bankgirocentral (Central Money Transfer Institute). Located in the old Slakthusområdet (Meatpacking district) of Stockholm. What was once confined and inefficient space has become modern and transparent working environments for multiple tenants. The project received an honorable mention, ROT prize from the Stockholm Association of Building Contractors. This prize is awarded to projects that have successfully adapted older buildings to new uses while respecting their historical character and value.


Photo credit: Robin Hayes



palmfelt center


dagens medicin

Status     Completed

Year         2010

Client       Dagens Medicin


We were responsible for the entire process of moving the editorial department for the magazine – Dagens Medicin to its new location in Bonnierhuset in Stockholm. This included organizational planning, logistics and the design of the interior, down to the individual working stations.


Photo credit: Robin Hayes





Status      Completed

Year         2009

Client       Group 4 Securicor (G4S)


This new interior for the Stockholm head office of international security company, G4S puts focus on human values such as interpersonal relations and social responsibility, while always remembering the company’s foundation in practical, high-tech security solutions.


Grafisk Design: Anders Rinman


Photo credit: Per Kristiansen




stockholm city

Status      Completed

Year         2007

Client       Stockholm City


This project included a renovation and organizational restructuring of the editorial office spaces for the magazine Stockholm City, located in the well-known DN building in Marieberg.





Status      Completed

Year         2006

Client       Brio AB


This is the head office of one of Sweden’s most well known brands. The project involved a total of 2,600 square meters located on 6 floors and included a showroom, conference center, exhibition space and offices. It is located within what was once Skanska’s office building that dates from the 1970´s.


The project was awarded the Golden Chair, which is given to the year’s best interior by the Swedish Association of Architects. It was also nominated to the Forum AID award, which is a Nordic architecture and design award handed out annually by the Swedish magazine Forum AID.


Photo credit: Ole Jais, Fredrik Birkler, Leo Gullbring, 





Status      Completed

Year         2001-2005

Client       Niam/Whitehall Funds


We were assigned the task of analyzing and creating a comprehensive development plan for Münchenbryggeriet, a large brewery building complex dating from the mid 1800’s. Today, the buildings house spaces for events, educational institutions, offices and a restaurant. We have worked with the entire process, from conceptual design to completed redevelopment. The scope of work included even landscaping, a signage program, outdoor lighting and a new entrance that connects three different levels with a new lobby and restaurant. The site encompasses a total of 46,000 square meters of interior space.


The project received an honorable mention, ROT prize from the Stockholm Association of Building Contractors. This prize is awarded to projects that have successfully adapted older buildings to new uses while respecting their historical character and value.


In cooperation with BAS ID.


Photo credits: Per Kristiansen, Björn Larsson, Nils Burge