Urban Planning



Status       Strategic development plan

Year          2014-2015

Client        Municipality of Nässjö


The municipality of Nässjö asked us to produce a strategic development plan for a centrally located area in the town slated for redevelopment. The area, directly to the west of the city center, on the other side of the railway line contains a diversity of building typologies and functions, including industrial sites related to the railway, as well as larger scale, big-box commerce and smaller scale businesses. Our response was a strategy that allows a gradual process that respects and fosters existing enterprises, while allowing for new housing and small-scale municipal and business to fill in over time. A new green structure that connects the three existing lakes and a newly excavated canal through the heart of the site allows for new recreation, park space and flows from presently separate parts of the city, thereby linking them together.


In a second phase of the assignment, we looked at the first major project that could serve as a springboard, establishing the new area. The site is strategically placed adjacent to the railway line and visible to all that pass this major route through Sweden. A new pedestrian and cycle bridge connects the new building to the existing train station. The proposed building is envisioned as a new landmark – a mid-rise tower constructed using the latest in wood technology, which is a strong building tradition in the Nässjö region. The tower contains a new hotel, and the base upon which it stands contains commercial spaces and sports facilities, together providing a new regional attraction easily accessible from surrounding area by the rail line and station connected directly to it.





Status         Feasibility study for urban development

Year            2015

Client          Nässjö Municipality


The street Köpmansgatan extends throughout Nässjö's commercial center. Urban Design was given the task to investigate its development potential along the entire stretch from the railway to Ingsbergssjön. The assignment also included a design proposal for upgrading the street and squares along the southwestern section adjacent to Galleria Loket, Galleria Fenix and Myggans plats, which has become an important point of arrival for the city due to a newly built parking deck.




drivhus - stockholms city planning & administrative office

Status         Competition winner

Year            2014

Client          City of Stockholm


With our proposal Drivhus (Greenhouse), designed together with our Spanish colleagues, SelgasCano, we recently won the international competition for the new Stockholm City Planning and Administrative Offices, to be located in the redevelopment area of Söderstaden. Land Arkitektur participated as the landscape architects and SWECO as the structural and energy system engineers. The building will provide a working environment for 1800 people, as well as a democratic meeting space for civil servants, politicians and the public to discuss the future development of the city. The entire project is seen as a larger re-vitalized urban space that will transform the existing context of large-scale event structures into a more humane environment with a new natural park area as its centerpiece, surrounded by housing, shopping and cultural activities. In Drivhus, the greenery of the park continues into the building, literally creeping up “under the skin” of the technically advanced double-façade, thereby becoming an integral part of the building’s energy and ventilation system.


Competition proposal in PDF >>




main square in malmö

Status         Competition winner

Year            2009

Client          City of Malmö


This winning competition proposal was done together with our colleagues, architects Marjamaa Arkitekter, lighting designers Node Ljusdesign and landscape architects, Land Arkitektur. The concept, entitled Passe-partout, or Frame, consists of a cobblestone framework that extends all the way to the facades of the surrounding buildings, thereby setting focus on the carefully composed activities that play out on the square itself.


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food market in kvillebäcken

Status         2nd prize in open architectural competition

Year            2011

Client          Älvstranden Utveckling


Together with our colleagues, landscape architects Land Arkitektur, we submitted a proposal in the open architectural competition for a new food market hall in Kvillebäcken, Gothenburg. The proposal came in second place.


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Status      Proposal

Year         2007-2011

Client       Alliance Fastighetsutveckling AB


We developed a site plan and a new housing development to be placed along the road, Åbyholmsvägen in Vallentuna. The buildings are placed perpendicular to the slope of the site, beginning at the road and stepping up towards a park. The proposal includes approximately 90 apartments and a pre-school and was selected for implementation by the municipality.




järva burial grounds

Status      Competition entry

Yea          2010

Client       Stockholms Stad


This competition entry for a new park burial grounds was designed together with our colleagues, landscape architects Land Arkitektur. Our proposal was based on an idea about recreating a metaphorical archipelago in which the open park landscape becomes the sea and the more secluded burial sites and chapel with their circular forms become the islands.


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Status        Third place in open competition

Year            2008

Client          Danderyd Municipality


Our proposal, MTRPLTN DC, which translates as metropolitan Danderyd’s Center, was awarded third place in this open architectural competition. We envisioned a new urban node worthy of a northern European metropolitan area – with all that this entails in the form of culture, shopping, service, offices and housing, as well as good quality public space.


Collaboration: Aaro Designsystem.


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mörby centrum